Monday, July 6, 2015

Day 6

After breakfast we headed over to the Aid Africa office. We met the great people there who are doing awesome projects for the people of Africa.  They educated us on grafting seedlings, birthing kits, rocket stoves, and many other amazing things they do. Then we headed off to the village of Nen Ki Tyena to dig a well . The village leaders greeted us warmly.  Suzy explained to them where a lot of the money to fund the well was coming from. Joel Alldredge, a 5 year old boy passed away a few months ago and in lieu of flowers the family asked people to donate to something that would help make other peoples lives better. Several family members and friends donated to APF to help make life better for the people in Uganda.  I wish they could have all come and see the gratitude in those peoples eyes.  Suzy presented them with a plaque to attach to the well with the Joel's picture on it. The village leaders then walked us through some fields to show us their current source of water. Which was a spring that came out of the ground with a gray hue to it. After seeing this we were even more excited to see this well going in for these people.  We didn't have the pully system yet so we couldn't start digging yet. Some of the village men cleared an area where we were going to put the well.  Isaac from Aid Africa then said he couldn't get a hold of the man who was supposed to bring out the pully system so we wouldn't be able to start digging until later. We were on a tight schedule so we couldn't stay to see it through but a few days later Isaac called Suzy and let her know the well was almost finished and they would be getting the concrete finished soon.  Aid Africa finished a project when they start one! Good job Aid Africa.   It was still nice to visit with the village people. One women invited us into her kitchen. It was dark and smokey. Isaac said they were going to be bringing rocket stoves to the village next time! We also were able to stop and see Benson Gillies well he had started a year ago.  It was good to see it still working.
We then stopped and toured an old slave fort which was a beautiful and solemn place. 
Then back to Gulu for some African Pizza. It was pretty food.

One Good Thing
Stacie: peeling casava with the village women.
Kara: carrying water on her head with the village women, dancing for her village friends.
Hannah: Isaac talking and explaining things on the bus
Heather:  talking with Isaac on the bus and respecting others views.
Alex; the village women welcoming and singing to us. The young girls hauling water with the village women.
Brin: seeing cute baby goats and seeing Benson's well finished.
Suzy:  seeing Benson's well finished and still working.
Maddy: seeing the village we were digging a well for benefit after seeing them drink from the current source.
Steve: giving a soccer ball to the PE teacher. He brought out 2 chairs for Bruce and I to sit and visit with him.  Hearing and seeing the history of Gulu.
Ginnie: I like the way Kuganda drives and watching the fast, rude toyota get stuck, seeing Benson's well, watching the village people all walking out to the site for the new well.
Amber: spending time with Aid Africa sharing their knowledge.
Bruce: passing out soccer balls
Becky: seeing the people of the village benefit from a well after seeing the water source.
Fredrick: visiting the old slave site, telling the story of the Ukulele or Riggie Riggie.

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