Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Uganda Day 8

Today we went shopping at the market in the morning and then off to distribute kits to one of the local schools.  They were a little more shy but asked great questions. The boys had a great experience talking with the male students. They had a good soccer game with them also. Then we were off to do another kits distribution at a rock quarry.  This was by far the most humbling distributions we have done.  These women sit in the hot sun crushing boulders into 1 inch rocks. Then they only get paid if someone shows up and needs the rock.  One women had been blinded by the rock chipping off and hitting her eyes.  Some of the women had young children with them.  They greeted us with smiles and yelling! It didn't matter what circumstances they were in, they were happy. We handed out over 200 kits!  Bruce took pictures of the women and then returned a few days later with the photos in hand to give to them.  A woman even asked for his hand in marriage! Go Bruce, you hottie!  It's a good thing Steve went to keep Bruce an honest man. Haha!
On our way back to the hotel we passed someone hauling 2 goats on their motorbike. ha Who needs a truck!
We freshened up then went to dinner with Fredrick, Morris, and Lucy.  These people are remarkable. They donate so much of their time to helping lift their people.
After dinner we went out for ice cream at a really inefficient restaurant.  But it was good enough food we went back for the next 2 nights. Then we went dancing at a local night club.  Only the masunga's danced. Well not true, Alex and Fredrick joined us also.  Even Steve broke out some dance moves!

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