Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Uganda Day 10

Today Lucy pulled some strings and we were able to get into the Prison. It was a humbling experience to see so many women with their babies.  They were all so nice and excited to greet us. The guards were a little cold at first but when they realized why we were there they warmed up and were very friendly and even taking pictures. We only had around 125 kits left and there were 100 prisoners plus the guards and warden. We were a few short so Kuganda gave his wife and daughters' kits away.  He is one of the best men I know.  He didn't even hesitate.  The kits had been made by some church groups in Idaho and they had added their picture and a note.  We were able to take pictures of the ladies holding the photos and being so happy to know someone in the outside world cares about them! It was my favorite distribution and the last of the trip.  After the distribution the inmates sang and dances for us! Suzy and Fredrick got right in and played the instruments.  They sent us off with a lot of whooping and yayayaings!  God bless those women.
Bruce, Ginney, Alex, and Steve were invited to Paul's home today. They had a great experience. Seeing Paul go straight to his brothers grave, who had died just a year ago of MD was a special thing to see.  Alex had a tender conversation with him about life and death as they both sat by the graveside.  Paul's father and Uncle were so pleased with Bruce that to show their appreciation they gave them 5 chickens.  It started out as 3 but by the time they left there were 5 in the truck.  Bruce gave them all to St Judes except for 1.  We ended naming it Bruce! The hotel offered to kill and cook Bruce for us but we opted out and Suzy had a great idea to give it the the head beader, Kristine. So now we have had 2 people offer to kill a goat for us and been given 5 chickens! We were given some pineapples and mangos, which we ate right away! The generosity of these beautiful people is amazing!

One Good Thing
Becky: Coke Zero! Holding babies at the prison. Seeing the women brush off their seats and giving her the best part of the mat to sit on.
Steve:  Feeling how grateful Paul's family was even though we didn't speak the same language, but you could feel it.  Learning about how Samuel was abused by the rebels and how he was being shot at.  Interesting to learn the struggles and how triumphant the Ugandan people are. Seeing how the people are moving forward with hope.

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